Current Events Updates: Week 3

Current Events Updates are a compilation of news stories posted every Friday. They are researched over the school week by Journalism staffers. The Crimson is not responsible for any factual inaccuracies in the stories reported. The Current Events Updates from previous weeks can be found here.


from Danielle Pigeon

The Damain scarf pigeon was just found to be able to distinguish between real words and non-real words by scientists at New Zealand’s University of Otago.

from Aubrey Gehman

New York bombing suspect Ahmed Rahami is charged with using weapons of mass destruction. His fingerprint was found on the pressure cooker before it was set off, and the FBI began looking into him after his father reported him.


from MJ Macias

US official say that drinking water across the US has been polluted by a chemical known to kill. So far there have been no deaths directly linked to this problem.


from Elizabeth Reimann

Actress Angelina Jolie filed divorce from her husband Brad Pitt. They stated that there were irreconcilable differences between them.


from Anastasia Reimann

The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, is now in a state of emergency due to violent protests after a black man was shot by a white cop and protests against police brutality turned violent.


from Beth Schloeder

Ted Cruz endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump publicly in a Facebook post Friday afternoon after “careful consideration of prayer and searching my own conscience.”