Current Events Updates: Week 7

Current Events Updates are a compilation of news stories posted every Friday. They are researched over the school week by Journalism staffers. The Crimson is not responsible for any factual inaccuracies in the stories reported. The Current Events Updates from previous weeks can be found here.


from Rachel Howard

A boy dangling from a bombed building in Aleppo was rescued by volunteers from the White Helmets volunteer group. He has hanging from the second story of the building, which had been destroyed in an airstrike. His condition has not been reported but White Helmets say he is “well.”


from Aubrey Gehman

Tesla officially announced the debut of self-driving cars. Tesla will sell self-driving cars by 2021 with a starting price of $35,000.


from Alex Parker

The super typhoon Haima hit the Philippines on Wednesday with winds of up to 140 mph, making it one of the deadliest storms the Philippines has seen. Two people were killed by a landslide and two were buried in a mountain town.


from Erin Marquez

Simon Konecki surprised Adele with thousands of pink handwritten love notes on confetti at the finale of her Nashville concert. He switched her traditional silver confetti with those special notes to celebrate their fifth anniversary.


from Brigid Ambuul

A chemical spill in Atchinson, Kansas, formed a cloud. Residents have been temporarily evacuated while authorities clean up the spill.