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Current Events Updates: Week 12

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Current Events Updates are a compilation of news stories posted every Friday. They are researched over the school week by Journalism staffers. The Crimson is not responsible for any factual inaccuracies in the stories reported. The Current Events Updates from previous weeks can be found here.


from Gabe Senter

Donald Trump became President of the United States on Inauguration Day.


from Aubrey Gehman

President Trump signs executive orders on the US-Mexico border wall and immigration crackdown.


from Rylie Pepper

Tennis stars and sisters Serena and Venus Williams will have to play against each other for the Grand Slam title in Melbourne, Australia.


from Alex Parker

Usain Bolt has to give back one of his nine Olympic gold medals after one of his teammates was found using drugs. The stimulant used was methylhexaneamine.

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Current Events Updates: Week 12