Weekly Roundup 1/8/18 – 1/12/18

Paige Townsend, Reporter


from Anna Davis

Following the fires that ravaged Southern California cities such as Ventura, heavy rains on the scorched dirt caused mudslides. All the conditions converged into a perfect storm: the fires weeks earlier, the lack of vegetation, the dry earth, and the heavy deluge of rain. At least 13 people were killed and at least 25 were injured  Read more here.


from Annie Seling

30 years after a homeless man discovered the mutilated remains of 14 year old Claire Hough on a California beach, the case is being reopened. DNA found at the scene matches that of a retired police officer, Kevin Brown. The officer killed himself 10 months following Hough’s death due to depression.  Read more here.


from Savannah Benton

Two paleontologists dissolving rock cores more than 200 million years old were looking for freshwater algae, but they stumbled upon tiny fragments of insect scales that appear to be the oldest evidence of butterflies, from a period before flowers even existed to pollinate. Read more here.


from Lauren Rowe

Following YouTube star Logan Paul’s controversial video of himself cracking jokes in front of a dead body in Japan’s Suicide Forest, his YouTube Red show has been canceled and the site has cut all ties with him. Being the fourth most watched YouTube channel, this event will affect how much money he makes. Read more here.


from Sierra Lagge

During a White House meeting on immigration, Senator Dick Durbin reported that Trump used slurs and swears to describe immigrants from Africa and Haiti. Trump repeatedly denied this allegation in a series of tweets. Read more here.