Weekly Roundup 1/29/18-2/2/18

Paige Townsend, News Editor

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from Crystal Sung

China cancelled 176 flights to Taiwan since they had not received approval from the Civil Aeronautics Administration of Taiwan. This unprecedented cancellation resulted in tens of thousands of Taiwanese people being unable to make it home for the Lunar New Year. Read more here.


from Rachel Howard

A powerful undersea earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska struck, causing alerts and fears of a tsunami in southern Alaska early Tuesday morning. The tsunami warning from the 7.9 earthquake was later cancelled, although it caused concerns in Alaska, Canada, and the northern US.   Read more here.


from Amber Bacardi

The senate rejected a bill on Monday to ban most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, by a vote of 51 to 46. The bill would make almost all abortions after 20 weeks illegal, with exceptions being made when the life of the mother was at risk, or in the case of rape or incest. Anyone who performed the procedure could face a potential prison sentence of 5 years, fines, or both. Read more here.


from Sierra Lagge

Over 250 young women and girls have spoken out about the sexual abuse that they faced at the hands of former doctor for the Olympics gymnastics team, Larry Nassar. 65 women are expected to testify against him, and his sentence is currently 175 years. Read more here.


from Savannah Benton

A women on a Charlotte-bound American Airlines flight lunged towards the cockpit and started attacking flight attendants as the plane was landing. She was subdued with duct-tape and zip ties, and the motive of her outburst remains unknown. Read more here.

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Weekly Roundup 1/29/18-2/2/18