Weekly Roundup 2/19/18-2/23/18

Adelae Norwood, News Editor


from Cara Brinkman

#MeToo empowers women to speak up. Women in the medical field have been sexually harassed for decades, feeling like they can’t say anything — for a twistedly valid reason. Read more here.


from Maddi Tseng

A flight from Dubai to Amsterdam was forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna after two men consistently complained about another passenger’s excessive flatulence. Read more here.


from Amber Bacardi

An aide to a Florida legislator allegedly called the survivors of the Florida shooting “actors.” He was fired hours later. Read more here.


from Lauren Rowe

15-year-old Anthony Borges was shot 5 times during the Florida high school shooting on Valentines Day as he barricaded a door when it wouldn’t lock, saving the lives of 20 of his friends and classmates. $198,000 has been raised for his surgeries. Read more here.


from Lauryn Butler

A California teen who smuggled a tiger cub from Mexico has been sent to 6 months in prison. Read more here.