Weekly Roundup 2/26/18-3/2/18


from Grace Davis

Ivy Angerman, a Minnesota toddler, has been diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria, causing her to have hives wherever water touches her body. Read more here.


from Sierra Lagge

A prehistoric puppy was found, and experts say that people had been caring for it in the weeks before it’s death. Read more here.


from Rachel Howard 

A teacher at Dalton High School in Georgia has been arrested after he fired a gun inside of the school. The students were evacuated and no one was hurt. Read more here.


from Haley Adams

Brooklyn resident Viktoria Nasyrova brought a poisoned cheesecake to Olga Tsyvk which was laced with “a powerful Russian-made tranquilizer.” Tsyvk passed out, and Nasyrova stole many of her belongings – including her passport. Read more here.


from Rachel Howard

A student at Central Michigan University fired shot two people as students were leaving for spring break. Read more here.