Made For You


Photo credit Sierra Lagge.

Sierra Lagge


I guess it’s true

I was made for you

But were you made for me?

Cause all you ever do is make me want to scream

Can’t you see?


Hmm is all you ever say

No more of this

All I ever feel like is a chore

Sometimes I wonder if you even love me anymore

Sometimes I wonder if you’re out with another girl


You guys hit the town

While I’m sat here all alone

You drove her home

Like the gentleman I once knew you as

Before you came to say goodnight

But now I have to truly ask

Were you made for me?





I guess it’s true

I was made for you

And you were definitely made for me

The way our hands fit makes me feel so free


All I ever wanna do is see the breeze

Flow through your beautiful hair

As we drive down the highway

While driving my way

Way over the speed limit

I’m on that natural high


I feel like I can fly

Knowing you’ll never fly away

Here we go into the abyss

While I stare at your lips

As they form a smile that I crave

All night long all I do is long for you

And I know it’s true

You do too