Tales of Homecoming 2018

Grace Brewer, Reporter

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Oct. 13 was Classical Academy High School’s annual Homecoming Dance. ASB decided that the theme would be based off the 2017 movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

Prior to the dance, freshmen Emma Hershey and Noah Rose spoke about their expectations for the annual extravaganza. Rose liked the theme, but Hershey had mixed feelings about the idea. “[The idea] could’ve been better,” she said, “but I think it’s really great.” The freshmen had hopes of what the dance would bring. Rose was hoping that the DJ would play the movie theme music and Hershey had visions of a beach-themed food selection. Overall, their expectations were high.

Following the dance, Hershey and Rose explain their point of views on the dance. “The theme was actually way better than I thought it would be,” Hershey added. Concerning decorations, Rose’s outlook was positive. “I liked them,” he said, “but did they steal them from Disneyland?”

When ASB announced the Homecoming theme, they made everyone believe the theme was going to be the popular game, Fortnite. Then they announced that it was actually Dead Men Tell No Tales. “I was looking forward to Fortnite and then it was pirates, and I guess that’s good too,” Katrina Graczyk said.

“I originally wasn’t too hyped for it, but then I saw the decorations,” Gwendolyn Wagner said. Lindsay Aellig thought the human-like robotic decorations were “over the top amazing”. “I really [liked] the setup,” Elihu Zuelsdorf added.

All the students interviewed said that this year’s homecoming blew their expectations. “It was better than all the other years,” Zuelsdorf noted. Aelig had a different perspective on her experience, “It was really fun to hang out with my friends, but it was different than other homecomings.”

Overall, students had a memorable homecoming experience.

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