Young Entrepreneurs Club? I’d Invest In That

Zoe Giammaria, Reporter

From bringing in guest speakers every other week to playing stock market games, it’s no wonder so many students enjoy Young Entrepreneur’s Club. The club, newly established this year, is comprised of students interested in starting a business.

“We have a lot of budding entrepreneurs … We all come together and learn about different topics like the stock market, investment, how to start a business [and] different business aspects,” sophomore and president Delaware Wade said.

Photo by Zoe Giammaria

“I’ve always been interested in all different business-related topics, so I thought I should probably just start a club to help other students, as well as myself, to learn about these topics alongside each other,” Wade said.

After finding a classroom to host the club in, they “were struggling to find an advisor, so [they] found Mrs. Chatton,” freshman and vice president Raj Pabari said. “[S]he teaches business classes at [the] online [campus]. So she’s a really good fit for the club, and I’m really happy we found her.”

Luckily for them, this was the only obstacle they had to overcome. “It was a pretty smooth launch, I’m happy to say. We got the word out, [we went to] Club Rush, we did a lot of advertising,” Wade said.

Photo by Zoe Giammaria

Both Wade and Pabari enjoy teaching the club between guest speakers who come from the Small Business Administration. “We have a great audience in there to listen to, and it’s fun because we all learn beside each other,” Wade said. Although business may not appeal to everyone, Wade believes that the skills taught in the Young Entrepreneurs Club can apply to every career. “Even if you’re not quite sure business is the route for you, we learn about a lot of other topics that are applicable to different fields of study, not only business.”

Wade and Pabari encourage people to come to their club on Wednesdays at lunch in Mr. Ferreira’s room. “There’s no reason not to try it,” Pabari said. Wade suggests that students “bring … friends, teachers, faculty members — everyone’s welcome to come and learn about being an entrepreneur.”