Girls Basketball: New Shots For a New Team


Photo credit Catalina Diaz.

New is the word this season for the Girls Basketball Team because of the change of seniors from last year. The new freshman this year has “brought a lot of energy to the team… They’re really excited to be there to play the sport and to get to know us,” junior Mikaela Telles said.

Although it’s a small team, they have proven to their skill during this season, as they have won 12 games and lost 9 and in the league, they have won 3 and lost 4 [maxpreps].

“We are all close enough as a team to work together,” junior Rosalie Moody said. Oftentimes, team members experience the trials of not being close with teammates and losing games because of lack of communication which is the key for a solid team and a solid season. But this is not the case for this team.

“[We] … communicate with each other and we like to be around each other a lot so it makes practice a lot more fun,” junior Mikaela Telles said.

In addition, they were taught by the coaches to jump up and yell whenever one of the girls made a shot, as a way of expressing their support.

“One thing [the coaches do is] that when you make a mistake they don’t say like ‘oh that was awful’, ‘ you’ve got to try it again’ [but] they keep trying to help you get better,” Moody said.

The key differences from last year to this year were that they fought for what they wanted and wouldn’t stop till they got what they wanted. “We have been starting out kind of slow lately, but we have been able to get in this groove and once we get into it we get really aggressive,” Telles said. Even though they did not make it through CIF the girl’s basketball team exceeded the expectations of last year team. “We have really bonded and grown closer together [more] then I’ve seen in the last 2 years in my past 2 years on the team, ” Telles said.