The New Clubs at CAHS

Cameron Throgmorton, Reporter

The clubs here at CAHS are a substantial part of what makes our school special. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into boardgames, art, or even making a change in the world we live in. Here is a showcase of some of the new clubs here at CAHS.


Marymee’s Literary Society

President: Seth Brown

Advisor: Mrs. Marymee

Mrs. Marymee’s Literary Society meets on Fridays in Mrs. Marymee’s room. Every week they discuss new topics revolving around literature such as politics, diversity, or change.

“It’s a nice community of people. We get in depth conversations about why a book is this way or why a book is that way,” club president Seth Brown said.



Poetry And Spoken Word Club

President: Diamond Penn-Willingham

Advisor: Mrs. Phelps  

Tuesdays the Poetry and Spoken Word Club meets in Mrs. Phelps’ room where they create journals, answer poetry prompts and learn the different types and basics of poetry. 

“In our poetry club, me and the other club members are encouraged to write about our day to day lives in both an artistic and healthy manner, and seeing that once a week and getting to be open and constructive with my classmates is really heartwarming,” club member Leo Sartwell said.



CAHS Art Club 

President: Olivia Hawrysh

Advisor: Mr. McGaugh

On Fridays the CAHS Art Club meets in Mr McGaugh’s room to come together to create all kinds of art and have a fun community of artists.

“I’m super excited to make this club because I really wanted to create an environment where … all artists of any type could meet and interact with other kids that have similar interests to them,” club president Olivia Hawrysh said.



Change Makers

President: Lillian Broschart

Advisor: Ms. Taylor

Every Thursday in Ms. Taylor’s room, the Change Makers meet to try and make the community a better place.

“We want to spread positivity and community in the student body and also in our surrounding communities. We have had a few discussions about doing a couple beach clean ups and getting students registered to vote and being nice, friendly, active people,” club president Lillian Broschart said. 



Board Game Club

President: Zachary DeSoto

Advisor: Mr. Peet

In Mr. Peet’s classroom, the board game club meets on Wednesdays to play games.

“We play board games, have fun, hang out,” club president Zachary DeSoto said.



Multicultural Club

President: Nicky Redd

Advisor: Mr. Shields

Getting to know other people’s cultures is the main focus of the Multicultural Club which meets every other Wednesday in Mr. Shields’ room.

“This club is about exploring different ethnicities and educating people who may not know about them and bringing a more inclusive community to this campus,” club Vice President Jocelyn Vargas said.