Photo taken by MJ Macias

CAHS hosts its Ninth Annual Talent Show

MJ Macias and Beth Schloeder March 9, 2017

On Friday, March 3, CAHS students showcased their talents, from singing, to dancing, to playing viola. However, while their performances received roaring applause, the moments before and while on stage...

Jerd Thursdays 5/14

Jerd Thursdays 5/14

Journalism Staff May 14, 2015

Welcome again to Jerd Thursday! The weekly segment where we give YOU, the reader, a peak at our yearbook before it arrives! Want to know how to get a yearbook? Visit room 113, the journalism room as...

The Caiman Crescendos pose at the end of “Seize the Day.” Chase McCarthy directed the choreography for the choir. Photo taken by Michaela Sanderson.

Caimans showcase musical ability at the Talent Show

Jakob Woo-Ming, Reporter March 5, 2015

ESCONDIDO - On February 27, students and parents gathered in Caiman Hall to witness the 7th Annual Talent Show. The yearly event brought the musically talented from all across the school together to perform...

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