CAHS hosts its Ninth Annual Talent Show


Photo taken by MJ Macias

On Friday, March 3, CAHS students showcased their talents, from singing, to dancing, to playing viola. However, while their performances received roaring applause, the moments before and while on stage were often full of nerves and anxiety.

Even when they want to run away and hide, performers still have to muster their courage on the stage. Freshman and flag team member Aliya Peek tossed and twirled her flags to the song “Gold” by Britt Nicole, despite her fear.

Peek finds the courage to perform with the Flag Team through prayer. “I typically just bring it to God … We all pray together [as a team] and give our performance to God and have it in His hands,” Peek said.

Freshman Peter Semenza played piano, while his sister, junior Zoe Semenza, sang along to the song “Thy Will be Done.” Peter Semenza feels as though God doesn’t only help him with being nervous on stage, but also speaks through him. “I felt like God could really use me and my sister with the song we were using and that it could bless a lot of people,” Semenza said.

Experience also helps many performers manage their anxiety. “I have done it so many times that even if I do mess up it will still be okay,” Peek said.

Semenza had a similar experience, wherein his stage fright diminished over time. “After the first couple times I did [get scared], but now I’m just used to it because it’s not that hard,” Semenza said.                                                                                                                   
Whether stage fright affects them or not, CAHS students still climb on to the stage, aware that they will come away stronger for it. “It will make us do better the next time and just remember to smile and have fun with each other on the stage,” Peek said.