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Senior Makana Lynch Is 2016-17 Salutatorian

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High school can be a jungle, filled with various clubs, AP courses and stressful college applications. However, at the end of this long journey, the three senior students with the highest GPAs are selected to represent their class and, in speeches, reflect upon their experiences during the past four years.

Makana Lynch won the title of salutatorian, second only to valedictorian, for the 2017 Senior Class. Lynch was a dedicated student all throughout high school and she is excited to see her efforts pay off. “I think I gave 110 percent,” she said, “and I’m getting to see the fruit of that … [and of] applying for colleges and getting to walk through that journey.”

Achieving the rank of valedictorian or salutatorian is not an easy accomplishment. “I know a lot of kids just prefer to put it off or don’t take it seriously, but  … I do all my homework, and I take it seriously,” Lynch said.

In addition to studying and AP classes, Lynch also had to learn how to balance her free time with school time. “You kind of have to choose: are you going to spend more time studying today, or are you going to go hang out with friends? … You have to make sacrifices,” she said.

As the end of the year approaches, Lynch has been receiving acceptance letters from colleges and has been able to witness the benefits the title of salutatorian has brought her in that process. Lynch said, “I think the first thing they see before they get to meet you is … your grades and … your transcripts, which, for me, helped a ton.” Lynch has already been accepted to some of the following colleges: UCLA, UCSD, Biola University, Azusa Pacific University and Point Loma Nazarene University. She plans to double major in humanities and biology.

Overall, Lynch is very grateful and excited for the opportunities that await her beyond graduation. “It’s been a blessing that I’m getting to experience the things that I am and have the opportunity to go to some very nice colleges,” Lynch said. “So I’m feeling great.”

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Senior Makana Lynch Is 2016-17 Salutatorian