Homecoming Pep Rally Stirs Up Excitement for Homecoming Dance

Zoe Giammaria and Paige Townsend

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Students filed into Caiman Hall last Friday decked out in red and black attire, speculating on what this year’s assembly would bring. Filled with teacher dances, class games and exciting routines from dance and flag, the Homecoming Pep Rally offered many opportunities to promote laughter and enthusiasm.

Both the teachers and the students showcased their hidden talents by choreographing and dancing to their own routines. The teachers showed off their moves dressed in workout attire, dancing to an assortment of classic 80s songs.

Photo credit Amber Bacardi.

Senior guys had their own moment in the spotlight during a routine where they pretended to be dancing senior citizens.

Photo credit Dylan Stuflick.

Behind the scenes, an abundance of preparation was required to ensure a successful assembly. According to ASB member Geneva Lindsley, the assembly had been slightly more difficult to coordinate ; the assembly date was pushed up  to accommodate an earlier homecoming date “Everything has been a little more stressful this year,” Lindsley said. Although not all ASB members are delegated to work on the pep rally, “[the class] all contributes in helping and and creating and setting up for it,” Lindsley said.

Photo credit Dylan Stuflick.

Presenting routines was not easy for the performers at the pep rally, either. The flag team  had “learned [their] routine at summer camp, and [they] have been working on it since August,” said junior team captain Lydia Oven. Luckily, it all paid off.  “I thought it was a lot of fun, and I especially liked the homecoming theme for this year,” Oven said.

Photo credit Cara Brinkman.


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Homecoming Pep Rally Stirs Up Excitement for Homecoming Dance