There’s a Place for Everyone in No Place For Hate

Photo credit Crystal Sung.

Photo credit Crystal Sung.

Photo credit Crystal Sung.

Lauren Brazele, Reporter

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No Place For Hate is a club dedicated to providing a safe space for students. The club hopes to unite students of different backgrounds and spread the message of acceptance. Members of the club meet at lunch in Mr. Christian Sheffield’s room every Thursday.

Some decided to join No Place For Hate because of the club’s message. “I thought that … the message of unification and tolerance was something that would be really important at this school,” junior Grace Cooper said.

Although some members didn’t know one another at first, they became fast friends. “When they came and were all talking it felt like we had a little community and safe space,” junior Quinlynn Doval said.

Photo credit Crystal Sung.

In addition, No Place for Hate works to eliminate larger problems like bullying. “A big issue that we are tackling right now is bullying … and trying to create a place where people can talk about it and feel safe,” Cooper said.

The club  also feels it is important that everyone is accepted.

“I like that it’s full of passionate people … they sincerely want to make a change and I think that’s very admirable,” Cooper said. “A lot of times people are so divided by their political standpoint and I think regardless of which party you align with, you deserve to find a safe space. You deserve to feel happy and secure and I think this is such a great thing this club brings to the table.”

Looking to the future, the club hopes to continue to spread their message across campus. “We really want to expand the club and spread the word of universal love,” Doval said.

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There’s a Place for Everyone in No Place For Hate