CAHS installs new water fountains

Photo credit Alyssa Cloward.

Photo credit Alyssa Cloward.

Photo credit Alyssa Cloward.

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Photo credit Alyssa Cloward.

This year, Classical Academy High School installed two new water fountains. One of the water fountains is located in the hallway right outside Caiman Hall. Another water fountain is right by the staff lounge.

Freshman Madison Isham believes the water fountain has made a big impact on this school when it comes to staying hydrated. “I love it; it’s so useful and so convenient.” Students no longer have to carry around more than one water bottle.

The new school water fountains come with a water bottle-filler feature, as a normal fountain connected to the same machine.

Freshman Christina Rawson adds, “I really love the water fountains here, and it’s really great for the environment, especially because regular water bottles pollute the earth … The water fountains here are so amazing because with this you don’t have to keep throwing away water bottles … The water from the fountain is nice and cold for when I fill my Hydro[flask],” Rawson said.

According to Principal Moen, “The company that did the water fountains at the old location, I have actually met with them three times at this current location” to install more fountains on this campus. “The question is where to put them.”

As for the future, “I think we might need more,” Mr. Moen says.

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CAHS installs new water fountains