Senior Danielle Pigeon Is 2018 Salutatorian


Photo credit Crystal Sung.

Crystal Sung, Editor in Chief

Senior Danielle Pigeon is a familiar face to many students at CAHS. Her toothy grins and constant puns are her trademarks, like her work ethic. But Pigeon never expected to be named salutatorian.

“I knew that I was considered smart by other people but I guess I never really considered myself a smart person … I was honestly so honored and surprised and shocked.” At this, she breaks off her thought to ask, “How do you even say ‘salutatorian’?”

With straight As and four AP classes under her belt, Pigeon is taking another hefty four APs her senior year. She credits her motivation for academic achievement to “all of the opportunities that I’ve been given, my family’s support [and] everyone behind me who has been pushing me to do my best, going to such a great school.”

But Pigeon’s schedule is packed with more than just studying. “I’m involved in running sports such as cross-country, and it’s my first year doing track and field. I love to read for fun all the time. I also love going to the library; it’s one of my favorite places to go to. I do Academic League — basically doing extra studying and being able to beat people … Right now, I’m really obsessed with ‘Sherlock’ — I try to figure out the mystery before he does.”

Pigeon’s energetic personality is reflected in her college search. “I want a very enthusiastic community … It’s a lot more motivating to learn in a community of people who are there because they want to learn, not necessarily because that’s something they’re forced to do. I’m looking for that sense of academic competitiveness but also … a collaborative environment.” So far, Pigeon has only heard back from one college, so she is eagerly awaiting further results.

As for advice to other students, Pigeon is brimming with practical tips. “Take more advanced classes earlier. Pay attention during class. Don’t procrastinate … It’s more of a motivation for me when I have something to look forward to … I’ll get all my work done … then I can relax after doing it.”