Pro-life club leads ‘Day of Silent Solidarity’ on campus


Photo credit Lydia Oven.

Brigid Ambuul, Feature and Entertainment Editor

11:02 am

On Tuesday, members of  ‘Students For Life’ set up tables at the front and back of the school to promote the National Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. The students handed out red duct-tape “life armbands” to those willing to participate. Participating students choose to remain silent outside of class time to show their support for the pro-life movement. According to Students for Life of America, the national group which organizes the event,


“On the third Tuesday of October every year, students nationwide give up their voices for the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. Representing the 3,000+ voices taken by abortion every day, students choose to take a one-day vow of silence and wear red tape/armband in solidarity with those whose voices have been silenced forever.” (

Photo credit Lydia Oven.