JV and Varsity Academic League Defeats San Pasqual in the First Competition of the Season


Photo credit Zoe Giammaria.

Zoe Giammaria, Reporter

5:30 The JV Academic League Team begins practicing at the tables.
6:02 The practice ends, but the Classical teams get together and continue to quiz each other while San Pasqual’s teams prepare.

6:23 The JV team gets called up to the tables and the respective coaches give the players pep talks. After, the moderator briefs both teams on the rules and guidelines.
6:30 The players and coaches on both sides introduce themselves. The JV teams start and Match One begins.
6:33 Delaware Wade gains the first points for Classical.
6:45 The players get swapped during a timeout. Classical is in the lead 41-0.
6:59 Another timeout is called and Classical is still in the lead 55-12.

7:07 The last timeout is called with Classical still in the lead 69-14.
7:15 Match One ends with Classical’s JV team beating San Pasqual’s at 86-13.

7:30 Match Two with the freshman teams begins. This is the first official competition for the freshmen; however, San Pasqual does not have a freshman team. The match ended up being a scrimmage treated like a normal match with our freshman team splitting up against itself.
7:55 Match Two ends.

8:04 The moderator talks to each Varsity team about the rules of the match.

8:10 The coaches and players introduce themselves as Match Three, the final match, begins.

8:11 Classical gains the first points of the game.
8:14 San Pasqual is in the lead 5-6.
8:15 Classical gains enough points to pass San Pasqual 7-5.
8:27 A timeout is called and the players get swapped. Classical is in the lead 26-21.
8:39 The last timeout is called and the players get swapped again. Classical remains in the lead 45-24
8:52 Match Three finishes. The Varsity team wins 83-27.