Senior Elliot Pak shares his experience as ASB President


Photo credit Crystal Sung.

Sean Blythe and Crystal Sung

Senior Elliot Pak is a familiar figure to many at this school.

“I’m president of ASB. I oversee all our activities and make sure that each committee is running their events smoothly and preparing well in advance,” Pak said.

“Homecoming is one of my favorites [to organize], and … other dances but then also a lot of the assemblies I love to do— just because they’re fun and we get people all hyped for the rallies and preparing what we’re gonna do to make a cool entrance each time,” Pak said.

Besides organizing things, Pak is also involved on campus, not as a president, but as a member. “I’m involved in FCA and Rubiks Cube Club… I enjoy contributing to the team,” Pak said.

Pak also has a dynamic social life. “I would think my friends would say I’m fun. I care about them. I love having a good time, but I also know what needs to get done and when to focus on other people. My friends know me better because they spend more time with me than the rest of the people at school do,” Pak said.

Pak’s brother Nathan too had been an ASB member. “My older brother’s level of work ethic and his commitment to being the workhorse of ASB has really taught me how to do that last year when I was treasurer, and [I try to] follow in his footsteps. And I think that I’m influencing [my brother] Wesley now … showing him that work ethic too but also showing him that it doesn’t have to always be 100 percent committed all the time— there can be a little more of that margin,” Pak said.

Despite having many things to juggle, Pak manages to keep his grades high. “I’m proud that I’ve never gotten a B in a class. Straight A’s.”

Pak hopes to have a different kind of legacy.  “I don’t think that I can fully know the impact that I’ve made until after I’ve left. But from what I’ve seen so far, I hope that I’ve made a difference in not just the school but also the people in ASB,” Pak said. “I’ve definitely grown as a leader and as a person.”

That’s not the only lesson Pak has learned. “The past ASB Presidents that I’ve been with— Danny Miller, Jake Mizel, Gabby Smith— to me, they all seemed like they had it down, they were in ASB for many years, and they had already learned what it meant to be a leader. But this year I didn’t feel as prepared as I saw them to be so maybe they weren’t as prepared but they looked more prepared than I was so … I stepped into this role having a growth mindset … that I’m not gonna do it completely perfect, but that’s OK because I can always learn.”

As for Pak’s dream future, “I plan to go to college somewhere, get a degree in chemical engineering, possibly minor in business, possibly start my own business, and raise a family.”