Green Eggs and Prom

Even through the expected rain, upperclassmen didn’t let that distract them from doing their best to prepare for their Prom experience. This year, four students have their own prom-posal stories to tell.

Photo by Katherine Mosack

Junior Maile Grantham was asked by junior Tyler Clark while at his house for an Easter celebration and egg dying contest. “While I wasn’t looking, he wrote “prom” on the egg,” she said—laughing. Grantham was “really caught off guard” when he showed her the Easter egg. She was similarly caught off guard when faced with selecting a dress, saying that she “went to a bunch of places,” but ended up getting help from her Prom date’s sister, who works at David’s Bridal.

Photo by Genevieve Larkin

Senior Thomas Gehman went with a more adventurous route for his prom-posal to senior Joanna Hatley. He asked her with a creative scavenger hunt involving three of his friends, seniors Seth Goulet, Corbin Arnold and Nasser Jones. He equipped each of them with roses and cardstock letters that spelled ‘PROM’. Goulet dropped off the ‘P’ rose at Hatley’s house, where she learned where to find Arnold with the ‘R’ rose that told her where to find the ‘O’ rose. This was held by Jones, who gave her the ‘M’ rose as well, directing her to Moonlight Beach. Gehman himself met Hatley on the beach “with a question mark in the sand with rocks and … a bunch of other roses.”

Needless to say, both of these ladies said yes to a night of dancing to songs such as “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus and “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars after lighting candles to give the senior class a proper farewell.