Summer is the perfect time to practice surfing, and many surf team members should take advantage of the opportunity. Photo taken by Orion Lenz.

How to Use your Summer Effectively

Beth Schloeder, Reporter June 9, 2016

Summer’s here. With its arrival comes a chance to catch up on lost sleep and spend your days in the pool instead of the classroom. For most students, the last thing they want to think about during these...

Denver Airport Is The Most Evil Place In The Entire Universe Ever

Claire Andolina, Reporter June 9, 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with modern-day pop-culture, chances are you’ve heard the term “illuminati,” and maybe even dropped in on some conspiracy theory talks. For many, these theories are seen...

The Beauty of Clouds

The Beauty of Clouds

Chelsea Taylor, Reporter May 31, 2016

Many forms of entertainment exist: movies, books, music, etc. We are all drawn to different interests, activities and hobbies, and quite frankly I’m glad of that because, otherwise, life would be quite...

The History of Netflix

The History of Netflix

Breanna Turk, Reporter April 15, 2016

Do you remember when Netflix first became popular? Since 1997, it has grown and changed immensely. If you ask high school or college students what their favorite form of entertainment is, they will most...

Made by Disney, to show what the park will look like

The Force comes to Disneyland and Disney World

Megan Kolod, Reporter April 8, 2016

Due to the popularity of the new Star Wars movie, Disney announced on January 10 that they will be constructing a Star Wars Land in April of 2016. The man in charge of the whole thing will be an Imagineer...

What you didn't know about Batman and Superman

What you didn’t know about Batman and Superman

Fun trivia facts about two of America's most beloved superheros
Danny Miller, Reporter April 7, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has opened up in theaters recently. The movie pits two of arguably America’s most beloved crimefighters against each other to see which of them is superior. Both Batman...

Courtesy of slash

Best of the Buzz: Films to look forward to in 2016.

Orion Lenz, Reporter April 7, 2016

For anxious moviegoers and curious observers alike, it is that time of the year to start prospecting the fine films that 2016 has to offer. With the summer season just around the corner, people are already...

Photo credit: Emily Wright

Spring Travel Tips

Emily Wright, Reporter March 18, 2016

Spring break is a great time to travel. The weather is nice and most people are on break around the same time. Whether it’s a road trip or long flight, traveling can be hectic. Below are ten ways to...

Euler's Formula: a Calculus Approach

Euler’s Formula: a Calculus Approach

Luke Trujillo, Reporter March 10, 2016

Euler’s Formula, Logarithm of a Negative Number, and Complex Exponentiation Euler’s formula is an important mathematical identity that was discovered in 1740 by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler....

Disney's logo

Disney has plans for live-action movies—and not just a few of them

Megan Kolod, Reporter February 11, 2016

For the past few years, Disney has decided to make classic old Disney films into live-action movies. Some people love that Disney is making these new and improved movies, but others are offended...

Danielle's anchored-ring necklace.

Powerful Memoirs

Breanna Turk, Reporter February 6, 2016

Imagine a piece of jewelry that is extremely special to you. What happens when you put it on? How do you feel when you wear it? Does it give you pride and joy to be seen with it on? This is the sense...

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