Appreciating Changes: The Film Appreciation Club Gains New Members

Appreciating Changes: The Film Appreciation Club Gains New Members

Lauren Brazele, Reporter March 1, 2019

Film Appreciation Club has become a home to aspiring screenwriters and movie lovers. However, the club has experienced numerous changes over the past year. For instance, sophomore Kenny Christianson...

Choy grapples with a partner at his krav gym.

Mind over muscle: Senior Nathan Choy talks physiology and philosophy in martial arts

Crystal Sung, Editor in Chief February 26, 2019

When it comes to martial arts methods, moves or mindsets, senior Nathan Choy has explored them all. As a kid, Choy was encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle, and soon he developed a deep love for...

Photo credit Crystal Sung.

Senior Elliot Pak shares his experience as ASB President

Sean Blythe and Crystal Sung February 22, 2019

Senior Elliot Pak is a familiar figure to many at this school. “I’m president of ASB. I oversee all our activities and make sure that each committee is running their events smoothly and preparing...

Continuing French After Class

Continuing French After Class

Emma Rydeen, Reporter February 13, 2019

Learning a language is a requirement for graduating from high school, but there are some who really connect with it and want to continue learning by taking an AP class. But what happens if your school...

Photo credit Sean Blythe.

Minor to Major: A Look Inside the Expanding Jam Club

Sean Blythe, Reporter February 5, 2019

Jam Club meets Wednesdays and Fridays in Mr. Montgomery's room. Junior Rowan Peters founded the music collaboration-based club. “If you like music, you should join because getting better at music makes...

Photo credit Catalina Diaz.

What You Didn’t Know About Mr. Johnson

Catalina Diaz, Reporter January 30, 2019

One of our newest teachers, Mr. Nick Johnson started out as a study hall facilitator and now has become a full-fledged teacher for AP World History and College Prep World History classes. Talent as a...

Diego Preciado, center, recives the Admiral's Award aboard the historic USS Midway. Photo courtesy of Diego Preciado.

Stanford Bound: senior Diego Preciado shares his experiences

Paige Townsend, Reporter January 17, 2019

It’s not easy being a high school senior, but you don’t have to tell senior Diego Preciado that. Preciado, wide receiver and defensive back on the CAHS varsity football team, was recently accepted...

Improvising A Good Time

Improvising A Good Time

Danica Jordan, Reporter January 11, 2019

For fans of theatre and acting alike, Improv Club provides a fun, exciting experience that helps improve acting skills. "I wanted to improve my performance and flexibility as an actor and that I really...

Photo credit Sean Blythe.

Emergency Preparedness Club: Not just for the apocalypse

Sean Blythe, Reporter November 30, 2018

Fires, car accidents and earthquakes. The question is, what do you do? Well first, consider joining the club! This year, senior Nathan Choy created the Emergency Preparedness Club, which meets Tuesdays...

Photo credit Maddi Tseng.

The Rise of Spikeball Club

Brigid Ambuul, Category Editor November 28, 2018

The beach boardwalks of sunny San Diego have come to Caiman Hall with this year’s new Spikeball Club. The popular pickup game is no longer reserved for swimsuit-clad tourists with no hand-eye coordination...

Photo by Zoe Giammaria

Young Entrepreneurs Club? I’d Invest In That

Zoe Giammaria, Reporter November 15, 2018

From bringing in guest speakers every other week to playing stock market games, it’s no wonder so many students enjoy Young Entrepreneur’s Club. The club, newly established this year, is comprised...

Photo credit Emma Rydeen.

Inside the heart of the new Creative Writing club

Emma Rydeen, Reporter September 21, 2018

    Anybody can learn to write, but enjoying it may take a little more effort. To make the process of writing more enjoyable, sophomore Kenny Christianson established the Creative Writing Club to...

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