Fire alarm confuses CAHS student body

Fire alarm confuses CAHS student body

Micah Summers, Reporter March 4, 2015

At 1:00 PM, the fire alarm for CAHS sounded, prompting the school — teachers, students and faculty — to evacuate the premises and reassemble in the parking lot. The alarm’s activation was unintentional....

Fellow film directors clap as Isaac Brown wins the award for directing the Best Comedy. Photo taken by Ethan Shicks.

Film Festival movies capture the audience’s attention

Jakob Woo-Ming, Reporter March 2, 2015

Movies, stars, and movie stars. These words describe CAHS’ 2015 Film Festival. On February 20, Friday night, ASB put on a movie marathon of 13 original films created by CAHS students. While not labeled...

Improv Night

Danielle Weston, Reporter February 23, 2015

Goblet-tipping goblins, mistaking a whale for an island, taking a bus ride with a psycho dentist and murderous space aliens killing moon landers—all performances played a part in CAHS’ Improv...

Career Day speakers show off their skills

Olivia Jolley, Reporter February 20, 2015

Career Day, which took place on February 20th, gave students the opportunity to listen to numerous speakers describe their careers. “I found it interesting that we were able to talk to people...

Junior Nick Soultanian has really, really cool fingertips.

CAHS shines with its successful Glow Dance

Micah Summers, Reporter February 1, 2015

Our school’s long-advertised Glow Dance began yesterday, January 30, at 7:00 PM. Posters and cohort announcements advertised the event as a casual dance featuring black-lights, prompting students...

Cahs choir members perform their Holiday Concert on December 9.

Holiday concert

Ama Bonsu, Reporter December 15, 2014

It’s that time of the year. Fall has once again faded away into winter, leaving behind its hot, muggy weather in exchange for cooler climates. Holiday spirits are high. Gingerbread cookies have been...

“Freshman for a Day” prepares excited middle schoolers

Micah Summers, Reporter November 21, 2014

The initiative event “Freshman for a Day” annually gathers pre-Caiman eighth graders at Classical Academy High School, where ASB greets the assembly with an array of games and presentations. The...

The CAHS dance team performs at pep rallies, sporting events, competitions in Los Angeles, as well as many other events.

Dancing, dedication, and devotion

Members of the CAHS dance team describe their favorite part of being on the team.
Jamie Brown, Reporter November 17, 2014

For those who prefer to express themselves through actions rather than words, dancing can be a great outlet. “A lot of the time I have trouble verbally conveying the way I feel about things, and then...

Christian Winters strikes a pose as he rolls a pumpkin down the bowling alley dressed as

Costumed characters stroll and bowl

Abel Siemens and Jakob Woo-Ming November 10, 2014

ESCONDIDO — With the thoughts of candy and parties fresh in everyone’s minds, students took time during lunch to gather in the quad area of the campus for festivities. Participation in a pumpkin bowling...

In this photo the transformer some know as bumble bee strikes out for an attack. Unlike our schools generator this one does not break down. Photo found by Danielle Weston

Transformer Shut Down

Danielle Weston, Reporter October 30, 2014

With midterms on the horizon, students scrambled to cram in some last minute studying. If only they had an extra day. With only one day some students wished for a miracle and a break. Late Monday...

Freshman Madelyn Stennett dresses as Elphaba from the musical

Dressed to impress

Olivia Jolley, Reporter October 23, 2014

  Homecoming spirit week – four days full of costumes and mayhem – rallied the students before the homecoming game and dance. Throughout the week, students dressed up and let their creative...

The students end the flash mob with their fists raised high.

“Newsies” inspired flash mob dazzles students during lunch

October 22, 2014

ESCONDIDO – On Thursday, October 16, 2014, students were treated to a spontaneous dance performance during lunch. A flock of students flooded the courtyard, dancing to “Seize the Day” from the musical...

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