Sports Recap: Varsity Football Plays La Jolla Country Day in the First Game of the 2017-2018 Season

Our new sports recaps attempt to provide brief, concise summaries for some of the games our sports teams play in.

The varsity teams: Classical Academy High School Caimans vs. the La Jolla Country Day Torreys

When: Aug. 25

Where: Home at Del Norte High School

Final stats: Torreys won, 26-24

Many students and parents attended the first varsity game of the CAHS 2017-2018 football season, and they witnessed a game filled with twists, incomplete passes and make-it-or-break-it plays down to the one-minute mark.

Some special moments:

  • All of the spirit teams (including JV and Varsity Dance, flag and cheer) performed the CAHS fight song and routines of their own for halftime. The band accompanied the spirit teams from the audience.
  • For the first time this season, the rowdy crowd cheered from the stands in a taped-off section known as “the swamp.”
Photo credit Dylan Stuflick.
  • 7:36 p.m.  Senior Jake Gilbert (number 23) scores the Caimans’ first touchdown.
  • 8:12 p.m. – Gilbert on first down for the Caimans.
  • 8:13 p.m. – Several red fireworks were launched toward the CAHS spectators, resulting in applause and cheers from many of those watching. 
  • 8:34 p.m. – The Torreys score a field goal, signalling the end of the second quarter and starting halftime.
  • 9:24 p.m. – The Caimans score a touchdown; the scoreboard now reads 17 points for the Caimans. However, by 9:34, the Torreys are still winning, with 26 points to the Caimans’ 24.
  • 9:44 p.m. – The Torreys receive a penalty and get pushed back on the field, thus thwarting a touchdown for their team.
  • 9:49 p.m. – The Caimans watching from the sidelines turn to the spectators and encourage them to cheer for their team. Shortly afterward, the Caimans get the first down.
  • 9:53 p.m. – The Torreys intercept the ball, making it impossible for the Caimans to win the game unless the latter takes the ball back. There is one minute and 12 seconds on the clock.
  • 10:00 p.m. – The Torreys fumble the ball, allowing the Caimans to retrieve it and sparking while cheering from spectators.
  • 10:05 p.m. – Despite retrieving the ball, the Caimans are unable to score more points before clock reaches zero, resulting in a slim loss for the Caimans at 26-24. Both teams proceed to the field, where they shake hands with their opponents. The Caimans then face the spectators and sing the CAHS Alma Mater.

Rachel Howard assisted in providing time stamps for this article.