Super STEM Saturday brings the community together to learn and experience the various branches of science


Erin Marquez

Photo credit Erin Marquez.

Super STEM Saturday is an event where students who love science, technology, engineering and math gather to share their talents and achievements with other kids.

Cal State San Marcos hosts the event every year to showcase talent, tricks and more. The Classical Academies are one of the major sponsors of Super STEM Saturday and bring many participants to the event.

According to chemistry teacher Mrs. Lauren Leyva, there are many things that Classical alone does. “We have ‘The Best Physics Trick Ever’ … Online is doing the rocket ships … Mr. Eicher is doing another Rubik’s cube competition. Mr. Bower is in the physics building, and he does this whole Van de Graff generator. There’s some math competitions going on as well,” Leyva said.

Another great thing about STEM is that anyone can participate. Mrs. Leyva expressed that, “There’s a lot of different science information to gain. Also just the engagement piece and seeing how cool science is and how accessible it is. … Everybody can learn science because there’s so many branches of it, and I think that’s one of the biggest things people can get out of it.”

Mrs. Chalese Young agreed, saying, “There’s all sorts of things, from math to physics to science to astronomy. You can build rockets, you can pet baby chickens, you can find out cool math tricks.”

However, Super STEM Saturday involves more than just research, experiments and scientific innovation for some attendees, who enjoyed the engaging STEM-related activities available to anyone who is interested.

“It looks like a whole bunch of Classical campuses and schools and firefighters and paramedics and the Navy. Everybody comes along with some food trucks, and it’s a fun time,” Mrs. Elizabeth Marymee said.

Junior Grace Pan from the ECC campus  was pleasantly surprised by Super STEM Saturday. “I think it’s really cool,” Pan said, “I was actually really surprised by how extensive it was. I thought it would just be like ten booths and food booths, but it’s ginormous, and I love the activities.

“I think it’s just a good experience,” Pan added. People here actually care about the people who are coming, so if you come, you’re guaranteed to get a good experience … It’s just good, clean fun.”